1. On what days do the Heritage Walks take place?
The Heritage Walks take place on every Sunday and second Saturday of the month.

2. From where does it begin?
Walk 1 starts at Charminar and ends at Chowmahalla Palace.

3. What is the ticket cost and where can I buy one?
Each ticket costs Rs. 50/-. For walk 1, it will be sold prior to the walk, at Charminar.

4. At what time does the walk commence?
It commences at 7:30 am and will go on until 9 am.

5. Is breakfast served ?
Yes. Your ticket is inclusive of breakfast.

6. Can I bring my camera?
Yes. You are welcome to bring cameras or any video recording devices that you may wish to carry.

7. Are pets allowed?

8. Are tips allowed?
Kindly do not tip the guides.

Some points to keep in mind.
- While you are on the walk, kindly conduct yourself with decency
  in language, behaviour or dress.
- Do not make fun of the local customs or traditions.
- Do not damage the monuments in way. Ex. scribbling on the
  walls, etc.
- We urge you to be respectful of the locals' traditions and
  their privacy.
- Do not litter any place with food items etc.

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