Telangana Ku Harita Haram

Dear Students, Teachers, Principals & Nature Enthusiasts, I am glad to share the environmental awareness program conducted by Forest Department, Government of  Telangana State, Ranga Reddy Circle in collaboration with Animal Warriors Conservation Society on the occasion of Telangana Ku Harita Haram. 

This program is six days long 45 minutes each session (daily 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm). It connects very well with the school curriculum for the students of grade 6 to 9.

Virtual Environmental Awareness Program Nature camp can be attended with the registration link.

Nature Camp Activities are mainly focused on Students and Nature Enthusiasts to participate in Virtual Environmental Awareness Program by doing camp activities within their homes and neighborhoods. In this virtual nature camp, a task will be assigned every day, one should complete the task every day and make a complete journal of the tasks given. They must compose the journal as a book, take photos of each page and attach it in the email.

Tasks for the Virtual Nature Camp.

1)Native Tree Identification ( 29 June 2020)

Identify the native trees around your community. Collect one leaf from each tree and stick in your journal, write the name of the tree beneath it. Write a brief note about each tree.

2)Butterflies in your Garden (30 June 2020)

Draw butterflies that you happened today and draw them in your journal. Try to identify the name of the butterfly and describe the importance of butterflies in nature.

3)Seed Collection ( 01 July 2020)

Collect a few seeds of native plants and write the name of the plant. Draw an image of a National Park or a forest in your journal.

4)Bird Watching ( 02 July 2020)

Describe the birds which you happen see today in your community. Draw a bird which u like most and write a short note on it.

5)Watch a Movie ( 03 July 2020)

Watch a nature documentary or movie. Write what you liked about it and the plant(s), the seed which you collected on day 3.Submit your journal of the Nature Camp by 6 pm.

6)Wrapping up. ( 04 July 2020)

Learn Something about nature through our awareness on Importance of Environmental Education and a vote of thanks. A Journal winner will be announced.

Please encourage students to register in this program and make best use of this unique opportunity. Myself and my collegue Sri J Amarnath will be happy to answer your queries, if you have any.

Registration Form Link :

On behalf of Forest Dept., please contact Amaranth whose details are below. With regards,
Shri Satish,
System Analyst,
Telangana Forest Dept.
Rangareddy Circle.

Contact details:
J Amarnath 9315237005 
Program Manager (wildlife)-Animal Warriors Conservation Society