IIFA Utsavam 2016

The first edition of IIFA Utsavam is taking place in Hyderabad on 24th and 25th Jan 2016.. This is indeed a momentous occasion as it will be the very first time that all the 4 South Indian Film Fraternities will be recognized at a forum like this and it is one of the rare occasions that all 4 fraternities will be under the same roof. The eyes of South India and the rest of the South Indian Cinema loving world will be focused on Hyderabad during this event.

India’s leading and biggest events and entertainment Company is hosting IIFA Utsavam in association with Telangana Tourism IIFA Utsavam will be an ideal business platform to explore and showcase the rich Heritage , Culture , various tourism Destinations of Telangana , destination marketing and promotes them via a spectacular array of mega events and activities in different countries around the world. This makes it a lucrative project of great interest to destinations for government and private investors. Cini artists are taken to various attractions of the city to promote tourism, arts, culture, sports, lifestyle of Hyderabad to the national and International audience of IIFA.

The objective to announce the launch of IIFA Utsavam, endeavor to bring the world to Hyderabad through the international recognition and association of brand IIFA creating a platform that showcases and celebrates – South Indian Cinema.

The platform of IIFA has grown to huge international interest among media not only across India but also from all over the world. The extensive press activity intensifies at the IIFA Utsavam Weekend as representatives from leading television channels and publications from across India & internationally will be in Hyderabad to interact with the South Indian film fraternities. The start of this is initiatedat the weekend press conference, which is a kick-start to the entire proceedings of the weekend. One on one interviews and photo sessions follows the press conference with the speakers and participant’s representation from all four industries. Esteemed guests and government dignitaries will support the industry at this event.

FICCI-IIFA Media & Entertainment Business Conclave

With IIFA creating a unique opportunity of bringing together all the industries of South India, it was only fitting that FICCI & IIFA came together for this unique edition of the business conclave in Hyderabad.

The conclave is focused on the development across South Indian Film industries.

The Hon. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate the conclave opening.

Members of all the four South Indian industries and other prominent players will attend the forum from the world of media across India and other parts of the world.