Divine in Nirmal

Kadile is a village located is Adilabad district of Telangana. In order to reach Kadile you have to travel 210 kms from Hyderabad to reach Nirmal city from and from Nirmal, you will have to take a bus to travel on the Bhainsa route. After travelling some distance, you can see the Satmala hills from the windows, and after moving further and crossing few villages amidst the hills, you will reach Kadile which in the center of pleasant nature in a small valley.

In Kadile, there is a stream that emerges from high hills and flows in to the beautiful valley towards north. The stream passes by the Kadile Papahareshwara temple. On the either side of this fresh stream, we can see huge trees of about 50 metrs height. The government has built a dam in the northeast of the Kadile temple. The well known temple of Kadile Papahareshwara has entrances on three sides excluding the east. One can see the statues of Shringi and Bhringi on either sides of the entrance on the north. While doing the pradakshanas around the temple, we can see idols of Gajanan, Brahma, Varaha, Uma Maheswari, and Vishnu. On the north-east side of the Kadile Papahareshwars temple, is a temple of Lord Annapurna.

There is an idol of Nandi in front of Kadile Papahareshwara temple. According to a legend, the devotees can hear 'Om Namahshivaya' if they place a ear against Nandi's ear. The Shiva Lingam in this temple has a special significance. It is believed that the Shiva Lingam slightly swings. According to the legend, Bhargava Rama killed his mother on his father order. And to wash off his sin, he installs thirty one Shiva Lingas in other places and installs the thirty second Linga here, and when the Lingam moved, Bhargava assumed that all his sins are removed.

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The temple is easily accessible by road from Nirmal town, located 15 km away.

Tourists can avail of the hotels and dining facilities available in Nirmal town.

Tourists can buy some divine literature and local farm produce here.

Tourists can avail of the hotels and accommodation facilities available in Nirmal town.

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