Heritage in Adilabad

Nirmal is a prominent town in Adilabad district and the ancient history of the town has glorious past due to patronization of arts and culture by ruling nobility. The region was ruled by Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, The Qutubshahis and Nizams who have contributed immensely to the growth of cultural heritage.

This legacy of the heritage is seen in the town where the French established a strong presence by building a magnificent fort, which stands majestically till date. The French who were reportedly very much fascinated by scenic beauty of Mother Nature here built the Nirmal fort which is also called as the Shamgarh fort. Recently the tourist department has provided amenities for tourists such as a cleaner pathway, cafeteria, drinking water facility and some landscaping works inside the fort. Nearby Battisgarh, which has 170 steps, leading to the fort on the hillock has been renovated while the tank close to the fort and old cannons were restored.

Nirmal is about 50 km from Mancherial and 280 km north of Hyderabad. Nirmal is renowned for wooden toy industry and Nirmal Plates that depict miniature paintings and floral design. Nirmal is located very close to the arterial Hyderabad-Nagpur National Highway.

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Nirmal fort is located close to Nirmal town in Adilabad district of Telangana. It is accessible by road from Hyderabad, nearly 195 km away.

Nirmal town has many eateries and restaurants for tourists.

Nirmal is world famous for unique Nirmal paintings and arts visible in the form of various figurines, toys and other articles which are made here and are highly popular.

Tourists can stay at hotels available for accommodation in Nirmal town or Nizamabad town located close by.

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