Heritage in Nalgonda

Kolanupaka is a popular village in Alair Mandal in the Nalgonda District in the state of Telangana, India. The Kolanupaka village belongs to the Telangana region. The beautiful village is located at a distance of 82 kilometers towards North from the district headquarters Nalgonda and about 77 kilometers from the State capital Hyderabad. This village is the home for a remarkable Jain Temple. The temple is popular for its incredible architecture. The Kolanupaka Temple has been a gift for over two thousand years. Once you enter the temple, an aura of purity surrounds you. Inside the temple, there are some wonderful pictures of the Jains, the great achievers of final knowledge.

  • How to Reach
  • Where to eat
  • Shopping
  • Where to stay

Kolanupaka is at a distance of nearly 80 km from Warangal city and 4 km from Aler town. It is well accessible by road from Aler.

There are few hotels available for tourists at Aler town.

Tourists can buy some small antiques here, including literature regarding the historic temple and some local farm produce.

Tourists can choose either Warangal or Hyderabad (60 km away) for accommodation purpose.