Heritage in Nalgonda

Telangana region is the home of the incredible Rachakonda Fort. The fort stands as a glorious demonstration of the Vemula rulers and their power. The fort is currently in ruins. However, this epitome of the marveling medieval Hindu art and culture still attracts scores of people. Another striking feature of this temple is that it perfectly adheres to the principles of Vasthu Shastra, which influences most of the Hindu architectures.

The Velama rulers, the kings who built this small but very strong Rachakonda fort, had established their throttlehold over the Telangana region after the Kakatiyas and before the Bahamani era.

The fort is built in two floors. The fort displays a breath taking view of the entire city, when you stand at the fort’s South East corner. The entrance of the Rachakonda fort serves as an outstanding example of monolith pillars. The uniqueness of this fort lies in its construction; it has been built without using any mortar in cyclopean masonry. The fort is also adored with beams and lintels with enthralling rock cut walls. Each and every inch of this fort provides plenty of fodder to feed the high appetite of history lovers.

The history of the Rachakonda fort is intricately woven with the history of the velama rulers. According to the legend, the Velama rulers were wrapped in pride and believed that they were invincible. This increasing pride made them impose several carnages on their people. Women were humiliated the most, and one such woman, cursed the rulers of facing failure in their objectives and then turned herself in to a stone. It is believed that this curse brought their downfall. The stone figure is still found in the fort premises.

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  • Where to eat
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Rachakonda is situated at a distance of 64-km from Nalgonda and well accessible by road.

There are few small eateries near the fort. Nalgonda town close by offers more options for hotels.

Visitors can buy local handicrafts and farm produce near the historic fort.

Nalgonda town offers budget hotels and deluxe hotel options for stay.